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Get Certified as a Senior Select® Provider

Senior Select Solutions supports caregivers in their mission to make life the best it can be for their charges and themselves. Become a SeniorSelect® certified care provider today through our unique and informative training program. Senior Select Solutions awards the SeniorSelect® Certifications to service providers that serve the senior population and their caregivers effectively.

You will walk away better equipped to prevent and manage any kind of issue that comes up in your environment so you can better care for your aging clientele.


We foster learning and education to Senior Select certified providers, which are recognized for their awareness, sensitivity, and ability to understand the unique challenges of their aging clientele and their caregivers.

Geriatric Aesthetics©:

A specialty of care focused on the dis-ease and diseases of aging.

With aging comes special requirements in care, uniquely addressed through the field of Geriatric Aesthetics©. SeniorSelect Certified providers are equipped with the knowledge to recognize the conditions of aging, to respond at their level of proficiency, and they know who to refer their clients to for specialized care or products that ensure they maintain their independence and ease the challenges of aging.

Client Population:

Client Population: The aging boom has already begun and will continue through the first quarter of the 21st century. It is estimated that by 2030, 85-90 million people in the United States will be over the age of 65 and well over one billion internationally. With the growth in this demographic and the widely held desire to maintain independence and positive self perception, it is predicted that a surge in the interest of personal care and grooming will be on maintaining the health and general well-being of our mind, our bodies, and our selves. People must have a strong sense of personal value and meaning in order to thrive. The assurance that they receive the necessary support from personal care providers in everyday circumstances is theorized to lower medical costs and increase health and well-being of the senior adult and their caregivers.

The emerging field of Geriatric Aesthetics© appropriately equips professionals who are committed to providing the highest personal care service to their aging clients with knowledge on how to work with the conditions with which they will be confronted.

Who Qualifies?

The Geriatric Aesthetics© Training Program is intended for personal care providers including licensed cosmetology professionals (hair, skin and nail care), dental and oral hygiene service providers, massage therapists, certified nursing assistants, certified medical assistants, direct care providers, home-care providers, and related professionals.

Professional Providers

The care you offer to senior adult clients should be sensitive to the issues of potential exacerbation of physical and mental health conditions that may be present, such as diabetes, cancer, heart and lung conditions, arthritis, vision loss, hearing loss, related thermoregulation and neuropathy, increasing mobility and dexterity challenges, as well as challenges associated with mental health including depression and Alzheimer’s.

Our training program presents a unique opportunity to professionals practicing in all personal care industries related to aging. Providers learn about the special needs of the fastest growing population in our country — senior adults. Geriatric Aesthetics© encompasses the physiological and related aesthetic adjustments required for older adults. Environmental considerations and appropriateness, as well as physical and mental health issues will be addressed.


Licensed professionals will be provided 16 hours of in-class training and renew their certification on line at (4 Hours) annually. This will be followed by a volunteer commitment to the Beauty Becomes You Foundation (501(c)(3)- Elder SPA Program requiring a Minimum of 12 senior adult service visits donated annually.

Certified SeniorSelect Provider and Volunteer Certificates will be carried by approved providers and placed in Certified SeniorSelect Salons and volunteer locations. These certifications will be renewed annually and presented at the completion of update requirements.

CEU credit will be available in some states.

*NOTE: The practices for the BBYF Elder SPA program will be overviewed and the special needs implied by aging will be included, such as skin, hair and nail care changes and challenges related to mobility, dexterity, and diseases of aging. Recognizing and addressing Failure to Thrive Syndrome and Salon Stroke Syndrome will be included.

Student Training and Commitment

One day of in class or on-line training will be provided in senior special needs training and at the end of their commitment of one year at 1 day per month (Minimum 12 days) a Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded. Special consideration may be made if a student is near the end of their program and is motivated to obtain the Certificate as a student.

Still in school? Internship program content will be made available specific for students interning at certified SeniorSelect Salons who are under the direct supervision of Certified SeniorSelect Providers.

The BBYF Elder SPA Program invites volunteers who are *training in aesthetic and geriatric related specialties to participate in catering to the needs of both guests (seniors and significant others) and assist as needed for senior adult care the certified professional providers. These individuals play a key role in the daily functioning of each facility. The role of the intern as Elder Guest Service Specialist requires individuals to fully understand the delicate nature of senior guests as they will be responsible for their comfort and well-being during their visit. Additionally, GSS’s will assist the Professional Providers as needed. 10 hours of volunteer time is required. A Student Certificate will be given upon completion.

*Internship programs may be arranged with their college or Institute to obtain credit and experience for internship practicum opportunities.

Recognition and Awards Program

An annual Recognition and Awards Ceremony is held to acknowledge the outstanding The Beauty Becomes You Foundation volunteers for their commitment to improving the quality of life of seniors and their significant others.

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